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Conflict Resolution

Fulani’s are more than herdsmen

Fulani herders - local farmers peacebuilding and conflict resolution


Conflicts break out between farmers and Fulani cattle herders in local host communities regularly in West Africa due to cattle farm invasion. This has a detrimental effect on agriculture and livestock farming, as the conflicts lead to interruptions in supply chains and adversely impact the local population’s self-sufficiency and security.


Peace promotion measures between farmers and Fulani cattle herders in Africa


Dine on a Mat peace dinner project promotes peaceful coexistence, conflict management, sustainable livelihoods and food security. Using gastronomy as a tool to coordinate peace promotion measures more effectively. Food is powerful and encourages social dialogue, it breaks down barriers and promotes humanity.

The Dine on a Mat peace dinners aims to prevent further conflicts, the project strives to secure the livelihoods of the local people. We offer skills training courses on sustainable agriculture. It also supports the development of alternative, sustainable value chains and the processing of agricultural products.